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Entry or Reception

Door glass cleaned and wood dust free

Vacuum and/or wash floor

Reception counter dust and fingerprint free

Artwork dusted and glass cleaned

Phones and computers wiped down

Tabletops dusted and polished

Magazines organized

Garbage bins emptied

Replace liners


Sink, fixtures and toilets cleaned and sanitized

Mirrors polished

Counter tops cleaned and sanitized

Soap and towel dispensers wiped down

Floors mopped

Garbage emptied

Replace can liners

Restock paper towels Restock toilet paper

Kitchen/Break Room

Sink, fixtures and countertops wiped down and sanitized

Stove top and refrigerator wiped down

Microwave cleaned inside and out

Cabinets dusted or wiped

Wall outlets wiped and sanitized

Tables, benches and chairs wiped down

Trash can emptied and disinfected

Replace can liners

Restock paper towels

Garbage bins emptied

Replace can liners


Desks dusted

Vacuum and/or wash floor

Filling cabinets wiped down

Window sills wiped down

Phones and computers wiped down

Door glass cleaned

Bookcases/book spines dusted

Light fixtures dusted or wiped down

Garbage bins emptied

Replace can liners

Clean Conscience.

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